Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ramekins, a new obsession

Sunday nights are Dessert Night at our house. We instituted a weekly evening for this as I was getting sick of being asked, "Can we have dessert tonight?!" EVERY night, and also because if I wasn't asked, I tended to forget for weeks on end to actually make dessert...

So! Dessert night was the solution, and one that all of us look forward to. Even those of us who have to make the said dessert every week. To combat the onset of the same-old, same-olds I have acquired some oh-so-wonderful pottery to keep me interested: Martin Boyd ramekins!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They come in such beautiful colours, and are different on the inside from the outside, and all of us have our favourite combinations.

I first came upon these lovelies via Loobylou, who used them for shepherd's pie. Then I spent two years (yes! two years!) stalking them on ebay... and procrastinating about buying myself some. THEN, I had a feeling my grandmother would give me some money for this Christmas just past, so I went ahead and bought some. The ones I got even had 'rare side plates' that are unsigned, but have the same distinctive yummy colours of the ramekins. Yay!

Now we use them (carefully!) for a few things, not least of which is apple crumble, my dessert night fallback position. Sometimes I get them out just to play with the pretty colours...

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