Sunday, 18 March 2007

the beginning

Poppy started 'little kinder' at the local Steiner school this year.

She is only going to two sessions a week, but it feels like the beginning of a big big thing. The start of all of those years of school, the terms, the holidays, friendships, animosities, learning, joy, heartache. And at the end of it all, she'll be grown. It is going to be quick! I want to hold it in my hands, feel the time trickle through - not let it happen without noticing.

First day went off without a hitch - I left within 20 minutes of arriving, she was fine! I shed a quick tear in the carpark, and at playgroup when I got there with Leo. Arrived to pick her up a little early, so waited in the car...good mum, not too eager. And went in: she was awash, crying on her teacher's lap. Apparently they had finished early. And I was not the first mum in when the door opened. Suddenly she missed me very very much and thought I wasn't coming.

So, a penance applies: I am to arrive 15 minutes early every time, and listen to the story in circle time, so that she knows I'm there. I'm sure that this will wear off. And I happen to like a story as much as anyone.

Anyway, I made her a bag to take, as prescribed: drawstring, big enough for a change of clothes, hat, coat, slippers. And assorted friends who are under strict instructions to stay in the bag (blue bunny; that means you!).

Monday, 12 March 2007


Blue bunny has been found!! (oh joy, oh relief. Bedtime will be so much easier.)

After a day of retracing our steps, ringing offices, searching, lecturing.
Found: on the floor, under the doona, between it and the mattress...

...he is under strict instructions not to go adventuring again.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007


Tomorrow we are going to play at being detectives.

Poppy's beloved Blue Bunny has gone adventuring, and we must find said bunny before another bedtime of tears. (3 hours of tears...)
Blue Bunny is in danger of garnering a reputation for being a free spirit, not to be tied down, wary of the commitment involved in being a Blue Bunny of distinction, especially when that distinction entails necessary confinement to the grasp and bed of a 3 year old.

Blue Bunny has made it back by post once already...
Hopefully Blue Bunny is just hiding, laughing at us running about with torches, looking in cars, under beds. Hopefully we haven't left Blue Bunny somewhere in our travels. Please, no.