Thursday, 3 February 2011

Inspiration Monday....I guess I got distracted!

Good intentions to play along on Inspiration Mondays, but...

Poppy started back to school this week, and Leo had some kinder starting preparatory meetings to get through, so we did that at the start of the week, then the weather began to ask politely for our attention.

Well, to distract myself from worrying about family who are now out of mobile phone battery power, and who I can't bother every so often for updates on their safety in the face of this, I think some inspiring links might be in order.

Getting great mileage from the constant updates on twitter here.

Thinking of using this great idea for taking the perfectionism out of journaling.

Amazing aerial shots of the world here, via Walk Slowly, Live Wildly.

And I'm grateful to have found these errata before setting out to cut into some fabric!

Hopefully we can make contact with family over the next few days, and I'll actually have inspiration on monday next week... or not. It all depends.

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embracingitall said...

Ah, glad you found the errata before cutting fabric. Can't wait to see what you are making.