Monday, 3 September 2007

Not quite beach weather

Today we visited my cousin's grandmother, known to us as Baba Luba. She lives in a place called Black Rock, in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, which turned out to be only about 45 minutes by car from our house.

Poppy was very excited to learn that Baba Luba lived very near the beach. Delighted, she proclaimed that she was going to bring her bathers...but we ended up having to wear this kind of thing instead:

Such is Spring in our part of the world.

Much fun was had at the beach, though. We found shells, glass worn smooth on the edges by the waves, seaweed to take home to feed the garden with, and Poppy's new favourite thing: rockpools!

All in all, a successful foray into beach territory, but a little more warmth, a little less wind (and rain on the way home) and a little more opportunity for actually getting wet, with actual seawater, is being looked forward to with great anticipation at our house.

Note: being responsible citizens and all, we did not souvenir seaweed from the beach for feeding the garden. We did not brandish great bunches of it whilst walking, and festoon a certain neice's pram with the stuff on the way back from the beach. I did not stuff it into a garbage bag to take home and then almost lose the lot to the dog before I got to soaking the salt out of it. That would be plain rude, and, I'm led to believe, illegal. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Ian said...

Hmmm.. First day back at work after two weeks holiday my thoughts were with them at the beach. I love the cute pom poms of Poppy's home knitted hat.

meg said...

ooh, those pompoms! so sweet. and i'm glad to hear you didn't souvenir seaweed, almost losing it to the dog. ;) sounds like it was such a lovely day! megxx

posiepatchwork said...

Oh, nothing like a clothed day at the beach hey?? As our children live in bikinis & shorts all year round, our trips to the beach are simple ones. Not so many rock pools, just watch out for the crocodiles & box jelly fish. So even with the heat, we don't get to swim in the water, never have & never will in Darwin. If you're ever in Sydney, my home town, check out the rock pools at Balmoral Beach, they're the best. Love Posie