Monday, 25 October 2010

And here we are again...

How does one start posting again after such a long break?

With a deep breath, a tiny thought of apology for not being a regular blogger, and then hopefully a nice, relaxed pace.

So, it feels like there's nothing new to report, but surely something has happened since the last post!

Poppy is 7, and Leo is 4 - and I know that I am not alone in being sensitive to the fact that children really do highlight the passage of time. It feels like just yesterday that it was impossible to have a shower without someone needing something, but now I just shout to the house in general that I'm going for a shower, and they look after themselves. Amazing.
Generally, we're living well and playing well; Leo is over his horrendous eczema, and though he's developed asthma now, it somehow seems less tortuous than the itches. He's going to kinder next year, to be a big boy! Poppy is in Class 1 at the local Steiner (Waldorf) school, and is enjoying it immensely. She is still very into drawing, and says she will be an artist when she grows up. She has also just learned the freedom and speed that come with learning to ride a bike - there's no stopping her now...
...and as for Ian and I, we're good. Very good. There's something about making it past 10 years with a person that is kind of relaxing. We're known quantities now, though I am aware that you can't ever know a person totally! Comforting. That's the word I'm after.
Here's a pic of us all, taken by my lovely sister-in-law, Ulya. She's a great photographer:

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