Sunday, 4 May 2008

bits and pieces

A weekend filled with a miscellany of activities and observations...

  • I'm cross at the blackbirds. They have rooted out all but 2 sprouting sugar snap peas, and played havoc with the broad beans in the vegie patch
  • Dearest ran in the Great Puffing Billy Train Race. It's a 13.6km run from Belgrave to Emerald, mostly alongside the track that Puffing Billy, our local steam train runs on. He managed to beat the second train of the morning, called the 'girls train' (grrr...?) because it's the one the women have to try to beat to win the race. As he didn't beat that one last year, very pleased with himself he was too. And now is sore, tired and on the couch with a Scotch.
  • Re-learning that spending a day lying on the couch with a good book is actually a feasible thing to do on a weekend.
  • Delighting in playing games with my kids. You know, the simple ones: catching/rolling/throwing a ball. Puzzles. Bikes. Reading a little story.
  • Excitement at plans to turn half of our driveway into a vegie garden!


  • Beginning birthday planning for Poppy. Five feels so BIG!

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