Monday, 7 April 2008

Tangling, with yarn.

Why does wool do that?!

Wind it into a lovely, big, hand-dyed, unbroken hank, tie it in three places, leave it alone in a bag for 2 years...

...and spend 3 evenings, with several hours on a weekend included, untangling and weighing this:

I suspect that the wool has been talking to the electrical cables that tangle themselves behind the computer when we're not looking.

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Ingrid said...

LOL. This looks like my wool supply as I brought it all in Australia and as I take so long to knit anything it all gets mixed up (although that I know that small curious hands in my knitting box also play a part). Love what I have been reading. I love the area around Emerald and the puffing billy. I´ve had such memorable experiences in this area.