Friday, 17 August 2007

...and then there were two

...pets, that is.

First in our home was Gilbert Lightfoot, a scrawny stray who fell over my back fence when I lived in the inner city, and didn't have the strength to leap back out again.

I think he might possibly have some other reason for not being able to jump over a fence now. That is 7 kilos of premium cat you are looking at there.

Second is our recently acquired pup, Sharik. Chaos on four legs, but so cute! And so willing to please for any form of cheese, it's almost unbearable.

Gratuitous cute cat shot to close:

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posiepatchwork said...

Oh, puppy love, i like cats, but love big dogs. Aren't they just gorgeous fluffy balls of fun. We'll be getting a new puppy when we move to Canberra, & we're terrified, knowing what 'chaos' they are. Our beautiful German Shepherd is 10 & we don't think he'll survive the move, but starting over again, oh, scary!! The damage to the lawns, fences, clothes line, anything they can reach to chew up & destroy. Love Posie