Sunday, 4 February 2007

peg out

Why is it that whenever a new member is added to a family no-one ever tells you to buy more pegs? It's just a small thing, but oh-so-significant when the nappies hit the line, not to mention the tiny clothes.

Our newest little person (Leo, 7 months) more than doubles the peg numbers needed, yet I persist in believing that because the clothes are so small, they don't really count in terms of clothes-line and laundry real-estate. How can this be? I have often remarked that the amount of washing has expanded exponentially, yet I do not expect peg numbers to have to increase. In fact, I resent running out of them, and go to outlandish lengths not to have to augment their numbers...but I may be a little strange about my washing.

As you can see, pegs are preferably wooden, and I use Wildpapa's patented diagonal hanging clothes method to conserve line space. And lovely colour arrangement doesn't hurt, either.
...for the rest of this month, I'm playing February Funk, as started by Soulemama. And perhaps I'll post a bit, too. We'll see.

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